Robot Jokes

Posted: October 1, 2010 in General stuff that makes me happy

Happy Friday. At long last.

Yesterday I somehow managed to get into making robot based jokes with my friend Rob. I thought I’d share these.

Q: Why was the robot worried about kissing his girlbot?

A: Because he’d been eating dalek.

Q: When she got all in his face about it what did he decided to do?

A: Lever

Q: Where did this robot go straight afterwards?

A: Out on the pulley

Q: What’s a robots favourite type of exercise?

A: Cicuitboard training

Q: What symptoms do robots with tourettes suffer from?

A: Robot TICs

Q: Why did everyone love robo dog so much?

A: Because he was always wagging his digitail

Q: Why did the girlbot dump her botfriend?

A: He couldn’t get hardware

Q: Why are robots so good at robot dancing?

A: They have natural algorithm

Anyone got any additions?

  1. David Thorne says:

    Q. Why is tennis a robots favourite sport?
    A. Because they get to be servers…

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