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Recommended by a good – but unfortunately Bulgarian – friend* this is a beautiful ambience personified.

*Loosely speaking



Posted: September 28, 2010 in Music that makes me happy

Happy Tuesday.

You may have noticed the poignant lack of exclamation mark – this is because I do not feel very exclamatory today -full stop.

Anyway, on a brighter note I got the FabricLive discography at the weekend – something I’ve been wanting to for ages. I wanted to share some of my favourite  tracks so far.

One of the tracks on the Freeland album (but by Evil Nine) is Hired Goons can be heard here – taken from the amazing (and free) Soundcloud

I’ve also put together a Spotify playlist of some of my favourite tracks from what I’ve listened to so far – although I’m sure there’s more to come… Get it FabricLive <—right there

PS – If you want to find me on Spotify I’m simon_grant

Have a good day.

(what a fucking name) Were recommended by a friend of mine – Handsome Matt – earlier today. The only thing that I am unhappy about with this situation is that I didn’t find ’em first.

I would put them loosely into the electro-minimal-indy-funk-tech genre, which basically means I haven’t got a clue, but whatever it is it’s good.

You can check out their track Garden here:

Their EP ‘All in Two Sixty Dancehall’  is on Spotify here: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – All In Two Sixty Dancehalls EP


Happy Friday!

In 2006 Books Shade (German House duo Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier) released ‘Movements’. An album of epic proportions – my favourite tune is undoubtedly ‘In White Rooms’ (Hello Cathy)

Listening to a remix of this just a moment ago inspired me to  dig out the original, and all the remixes I could find (including the track blue rooms) and stick them in a playlist.

Voila: in white rooms

PS Their 2010 album Booka Shade – More! is worth a listen too

That’s what I say.

It’s a pissy, rainy Thursday, so what better way to soothe that SAD with some melodic, eclectic, uplifing chillout. The added bonus is all (well most) of it’s not taken directly from ” Ministry of sound * insert year here* ” It Includes stuff from:

The Cinematic Orchestra

The XX

The Deadbeats

Paul Weller

Bombay Bicycle Club

FC Kahnua

Dirty Vegas



And More. I’ve decided to eloquently and originally call it Thursday Chill 230910

Right now I’m listening to Skinny – On A Beautiful Day – an exquisite track with some nostalgic samples from ‘Daydream’ by Wallace Collection (which you’ll probably have heard sampled by iMonster in the more modern version “Daydream in Blue”)

Wednesday, 11:26. almost half way through the week. Feeling pensive (but not quite melancholy) at the thought of snow coming our way, that another half of a week looms, that I am totally skint until the 26th and that Summer seems to be making it’s last swan song, I decided to boost this state of mind with some sinister, moody, deep house; courtesy of DJ Tarkan.
This guy is Turkey’s number one DJ (although a native to Germany) and signed to no smoking records. His late 2009 compilation album ‘Chapter 2’ is here  DJ Tarkan – Chapter Two

Running the risk of sounding like a complete twat this album is SICK (bruv). It’s from the renowned DJ Kicks series – a compilation of electro / club mixes, mainly focusing on techno and house genres, with the twist being that they’re targeted at a ‘home listening’ audience. This particular one is by Florian Meindl.

I’d never heard of him before today, but having stumbled across him (after searching for DJ Kicks releases on Spotify) I will definitely be listening out for this more of this guy. He’s a Berlin based musician, producer and DJ and Owner of FLASH recordings.

The playlist is here The Juan Maclean – DJ-KiCKS – right this very minute I’m listening to ‘Giom – I Know You Were right’  – edgy discoeque joy.