That’s what I say.

It’s a pissy, rainy Thursday, so what better way to soothe that SAD with some melodic, eclectic, uplifing chillout. The added bonus is all (well most) of it’s not taken directly from ” Ministry of sound * insert year here* ” It Includes stuff from:

The Cinematic Orchestra

The XX

The Deadbeats

Paul Weller

Bombay Bicycle Club

FC Kahnua

Dirty Vegas



And More. I’ve decided to eloquently and originally call it Thursday Chill 230910

Right now I’m listening to Skinny – On A Beautiful Day – an exquisite track with some nostalgic samples from ‘Daydream’ by Wallace Collection (which you’ll probably have heard sampled by iMonster in the more modern version “Daydream in Blue”)

Wednesday, 11:26. almost half way through the week. Feeling pensive (but not quite melancholy) at the thought of snow coming our way, that another half of a week looms, that I am totally skint until the 26th and that Summer seems to be making it’s last swan song, I decided to boost this state of mind with some sinister, moody, deep house; courtesy of DJ Tarkan.
This guy is Turkey’s number one DJ (although a native to Germany) and signed to no smoking records. His late 2009 compilation album ‘Chapter 2’ is here  DJ Tarkan – Chapter Two

Running the risk of sounding like a complete twat this album is SICK (bruv). It’s from the renowned DJ Kicks series – a compilation of electro / club mixes, mainly focusing on techno and house genres, with the twist being that they’re targeted at a ‘home listening’ audience. This particular one is by Florian Meindl.

I’d never heard of him before today, but having stumbled across him (after searching for DJ Kicks releases on Spotify) I will definitely be listening out for this more of this guy. He’s a Berlin based musician, producer and DJ and Owner of FLASH recordings.

The playlist is here The Juan Maclean – DJ-KiCKS – right this very minute I’m listening to ‘Giom – I Know You Were right’  – edgy discoeque joy.


Hello world.

This is my first post. Unsure about what to write about – but for some bizarre reason badly desiring a blog – I thought rather than constantly emailing friends (or friend – hello Laura) Spotify play-lists / general stuff I like, I could add them here and just send the link. When I think of something profound I’ll be sure to publish it, but until then (which may / probably never happen) this is it.

Anyway, here are a few of my favourite current artists and compilations. Updates will follow as and when!

Darwin Deez – Darwin Deez (The Foals meets Jack Johnson – best tracks for me are Radar Detector and Bad Day)

070810 – Pictionary BBQ (A very random compilation I put together for a BBQ / pictionary fest, about a month ago. Ranging from Roots manouvre to Dusty Springfield)

Whitest Boy Alive (Bass guitar driven chill, somewhere between Friendly Fires and Zero 7 – ‘burning’ and ‘golden cage’ are two of my favourites. )

Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (French Indy Funk – this band opened up a whole new genre to me – and they’re actually how I discovered Whitest Boy Alive (thanks Spotibot)

Pan-Pot – Back To Back Vol. Two (Some tech housey goodness I stumbled across randomly. Some of it’s a bit too minimal for me but most is very good. Check out Faces for starters.)

Glitzy tech house funky amazing minimal shit (090810) (This is a random tech compilation I put together for running and the gym. It makes me gurn and dribble just thinking about listening to it)

Snow Patrol Late Night Tales (I thought I’d save the best until last – this one is owed to Ryan Covill – a DJ pal and all round good bloke. It is eclectic, fresh, spans many genres and eras and is generally all round amazing. My favourite tracks right now are ‘Fancy’ – by Bobby Gentry and ‘Eanie Meany’ by Jim Noir)